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Waiting List

All of our pups go to the best of homes. Most of them are pre-sold through our waiting list without the need for public advertising.
If you miss out on a puppy and would like to be considered for our next litter, simply call us or let us know through our contact page and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

We will not ask you for deposits or payment up front. We insist that you physically visit the puppy so that you can cuddle them, kiss them, pat them and inspect them thoroughly to ensure that they’re a good fit. This also gives us a chance to assess you as an owner because we only want the best homes for the pups.
Although our pups do go super quick, we may at the purchasers request at times agree to hold a particular puppy for you, for a small fee.  This is usually done on the rare occasion that the owner is fully commited to obtaining the puppy but unable to pick to him/her up immediately for a number of days.

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